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Our Profile

Everest Tannery (P) Ltd. the buyer driven organization, was founded by MANSOOR AHMAD with a convection to bring distant people closer, promotes understanding, friendship and co-operation among nations. This name is reckoned in the international leather forums  for fusing new knowledge and technologies to create new products for the benefit of all mankind.

He promoted foreign corporation and understanding, laying foundation of the company with the vision and principal for generations to follow steadfastly.

Working harmoniously with the environment ever alert to concerns of pollution and always promoting a clean and healthy way of life.

Our ability to relate to a customer's requirements and respond with the flexibility of a products made-to-order-and-deliver capability is a definite edge we enjoy over our competition. Combining them with state-of-the-art machinery, the company is engaged in a constant endeavour to set the highest standards in quality, performance, reliability and professionalism.

Capitalizing on skills and expertise acquired over five decades of chrome and vegetable tanning experience. We maintain quality and standards are assured to meet customer satisfaction. Flexibility and innovative approach helps build a competitive edge over other. The mark of excellence is at our doorsteps. The global client we target under our previe.